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The load performance and engineering application of oil bearing
Time:2015-06-25    Source:    Views:2385
Oil bearing, namely porous bearings if a, using metal powder as the main raw material, oil bearing is made by powder metallurgy sintered body, the original is more porous and has advantages in the manufacturing process is free to adjust the pore number, size, shape and distribution of Technology
It can be found that the bearing capacity of the bearing will be increased, and the friction coefficient of the bearing can be reduced when the eccentricity ratio of oil bearing is large. But the eccentricity of the bearing rate value change is relatively passive in use is not independent of the change, therefore the use of bearing load of the, bearing eccentricity ratio will increase, also bearing bearing ability is increasing.
In this series of experiments, we can find that the load bearing capacity, eccentricity and friction coefficient of the oil bearing will be affected by the process.
In order to improve the load bearing capacity of the bearing, there are many ways to reduce the friction coefficient of the bearing.
The most common way is to improve the bearing capacity of the bearing by adjusting the degree of penetration of the bearing. The main operation mode is to reduce the permeability of the bearing material, which can improve the bearing capacity, but also to ensure that the oil bearing has a smaller friction coefficient. However, the permeability of oil bearing can not be infinite, because the small penetration will make the bearing internal oil content is insufficient, making the bearing is not enough to get enough lubrication.
So it is found that the load bearing capacity of the bearing and the friction coefficient of the bearing can be effectively improved by the optimization of the two parameters.
Application of oil bearing in Engineering
Oil bearing in the actual application of engineering, the main use of the bearing material itself is the porous performance, in general, under the working state, oil bearing can be achieved by its own oil.
The advantages in the application of oil bearing engineering are the self - lubricating performance of the bearing, and a simple lubrication system in the bearing. And oil bearing in the use process, after oil immersion treatment. Only in this way can we ensure the bearing in the use of process can obtain better lubricity, also makes the oil bearing engineering applications, more simple and convenient.
In addition, the oil bearing another big advantage is its low price, in the oil bearing of the entire manufacturing process does not require the cutting, which greatly enhance the oil bearing material utilization rate, the oil bearing can be large scale production in the use of process.
Knowledge about oil bearing to you here, I hope to help you!
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