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Powder metallurgy has solved the problem of traditional industrial roasting.
Time:2015-06-25    Source:    Views:1254
With the rapid development of industrial technology, conventional metallurgical techniques from the hardness, purity and process requirements, already could not satisfy people's demand, a new generation of powder metallurgy technology is to metal powder or metal and non metal powder in combination, after pressing or roasting technology preparation, it is the metal powder combined and put a special container in, exert a certain pressure, form with a desired shape and size of parts of the green compacts, sintering blank model of piezoelectric, made of powder metallurgy forming and material utilization rate is very high.
Powder metallurgy technology rapid development, to promote China's industrial enterprises development, it solves the problem of special process requirements of powder metallurgy products roasting, baking powder metallurgy products higher precision, breathable better, the most representative of powder metallurgy products that contain oil bearing, lubricating oil filled pores, oil bearing in the non operating state. When running, the rotating shaft due to friction and fever, bearing thermal expansion so as to reduce the pore, so oil spill into the bearing clearance. When the shaft stops rotating, bearing cooling, lubricating oil and pore recovery, being sucked back into the pores. It inherits many advantages of powder metallurgy products, which is based on the characteristics of porous properties and the high efficiency of lubricating oil.
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Addr:Henglin double Rong Village,Wujin District,Changzhou city,jiangsu  Tel:+86 519-83991655    
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